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Happy New Year!

2019 was a wonderful year at K.U.K Alliance. We have been blessed by the support we received and we are grateful to the lives we have changed, particularly being able to send 54 children to school and provide them the relevant school materials they need to be successful. We are taking this energy and momentum into 2020 and we are pleased to announce that we have extended the number of children we will supporting to 111.

We are also extending our reach to cover children living in the rural areas near Norton, Zimbabwe.

Christmas presents

Our trustee, Rufaro, visited the children in December to catch up with them all and find out how they performed during their exams. She also handed out some school uniforms so they are all set to start next grade in school.

The children passed their exams and 9 of our students passed their grade 7 exams which allowed them to secure their high school places. We are in immensely proud of all of our children.

Here are the children going through a session with Rufaro.

Would you like to sponsor a child?

K.U.K Alliance works in collaboration with NdaiZiva Capacity Development to identify and support orphaned children with school fees. From as little as £7.50per month, you will be able to fund school fees; essential school uniforms and study materials as the guardians/family have insufficient resources.

© K.U.K Alliance 2020

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