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Partner with us

We aim to partner with small organisations around the globe that are committed to regenerating Zimbabwe. As trustees of K.U.K Alliance we are responsible for carrying out due diligence on all our partners. This ensures that as a donor/ volunteer you can be rest assured that the activities and projects we partake in have been been through our enhanced due diligence process.

We are keen on working with smaller charities or groups that are not immediately known to the public as we feel that the proceeds raised can be better channelled into our approved projects. This ensures the projects are in line with our education, health and empowerment objectives.

The channel of communication is always open; we must ensure that the dialogue is maintained. We will send quarterly updates of all the projects and their progress. We will also produce annual financial statements to ensure there is continued transparency.


All the K.U.K Alliance members are volunteers therefore there are no salaries paid out, this ensures that all proceeds are assigned to the projects.

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