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Collection of school books, uniforms and stationery

The financial limitations for guardians presents a problem as schools admission rules require students to wear the appropriate uniform and to purchase the curriculum textbooks.We have identified this as a significant problem. Paying for school fees is not enough as the failure to have the correct uniform and required books/pencils etc will mean the children will be turned away. Therefore we accepting a direct donation of the following materials which will be delivered to the sponsored children.

Education Books Bookshelfs
School syllabus books

We accept that school syllabus books may differ between countries, however, any book that may assist the children in learning more will be greatly appreciated. 

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School Uniform

School uniforms are very different from school to school but some items remain the same.  Therefore we will accept white shirts, white socks, brown/black shoes. 

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School stationery

School stationery is not provided in all schools and often children are expected to bring these with them.  We will accept writing books, pens, pencils, rulers etc. 

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