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Female Health


According to the World Bank, 500 million women and girls worldwide have no access to menstrual products. The cost of sanitary pads is simply unaffordable for poor familiesAn SNV Zimbabwe study showed that 72% of girls going to school can’t afford disposable pads. 


The lack of access to sanitary pads for a majority of the young females in Zimbabwe has led to them resorting to unhygienic alternatives such as rags, tissues and newspapers. For young girls in school, attendance school tends to fall during menstruation which in turn affects their education which they need to build a solid foundation for a better future. 

K.U.K Alliance has taken the initiative to focus on supporting young girls and women on the challenges they face during menstruation by raising awareness and looking for sustainable alternatives that can be used. To date, we have provided menstrual hygiene packs to the girls on the programme to enable them to continue going to school whilst on their period. We continue to explore menstrual health and hygiene initiatives to enable us to keep girls in school.  

If you wish to find out more about this project or partner with us, then please contact us. 

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