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Our children are amazing!

K.U.K Alliance has supported over 130 children to date and here are some of the their stories:  


Aged 10

"Wise beyond her age and a kind heart". That's how her teachers describe her. Nyasha is a child that has faced hardship in life but remains hopeful for a better future.


Aged 10

Makanaka is a very bright student and a mathematics enthusiast. Though he is single orphaned, he lives with his grandmother.


Aged 12

Natasha is looked after by her elderly blind grandmother.  She started school at a later age as she cared for her. Due to this, she is struggling with some of her school subjects and has been improving since being on the sponsorship programme.


Aged 14

Clive is top of his class and shows potential for great success when he starts high school next year.  He has an older brother who didn’t finish school due to lack of tuition fees.  He works really hard as he wants a better life for himself and be the first to finish school in his family.


Aged 14

Shalom is looked after by her aunt. She is working very hard to improving her school grades which has been affected by the lack of consistent schools fees. She hopes to pass so she can gain a High School place. 


Aged 12

Abandoned by both parents at a young age,  she has lived on the kindness of various people. She is very shy and keeps to herself however her personality shines in class where she says is her favourite place.

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