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Ladies Luncheon

We held a Ladies Luncheon in Birmingham in September 2019. The aim behind the luncheon was to raise awareness of period poverty and also to raise funds towards addressing this.

Whilst we consider the issue of feminine health to be a common issue (which should be addressed on a universal level), we decided to limit the luncheon to just ladies so we could have an environment where women could talk freely about menstrual related issues - i.e. methods available as well as the sustainability of new products such as renewable pads.

Beyond feminine health, we also had fabulous speakers talking about matters close to their heart. Our first speaker was Pelena Cosme, a young mother of two and budding author. She talked about the challenges faced by young women and how we can all support each other beyond the everyday problems we come across.

Our second speaker was Sisanda CJ who is a transformational speaker, life coach, youth mentor and founder of Refined Eight. She talked about her own personal circumstances and challenges, how she overcame them and how it spurned her into her purpose to help young girls.

We were also lucky to have one of our Trustees, Nyasha Gazi, launch her book (Season of Growth: Being Single With Purpose) at our luncheon. It was great to hear about the writing process for her book, the motivation behind it and how it can inspire young women who may be feeling demotivated in their season of waiting. You can purchase the book on here.

As a treat to the ladies, we had a professional makeup artist showing us how to achieve a glamorous look.

All in all, the afternoon was a successful and we managed to raise £309.30. We would like to thank Rwendo Styles and Ashava's Kitchen for the decorations and delicious cakes and treats which were served on the day.

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