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As the pandemic progresses, we continue to monitor the developments in Zimbabwe, in particular the impact it will have to the over 100 children on our sponsorship programme. We hope to use this platform to keep you informed on our children, actions we will take as well as how you can get involved.

We are truly living in unprecedented times. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting everyone from our families, to our supporters and donors, our friends, to our first responders who are bravely on the front lines.


Current situation in Zimbabwe

The pandemic has so far had a minor impact on Zimbabwean citizens in comparison to other countries with 32,952 confirmed cases (including 1,178 deaths and 24,872 recoveries). The government has closed all schools and enacted a mandated lock for the forceable future, although children in tertiary final years or due to sit ZIMSEC examinations are expected to return to school as various industries start opening up.  All non-essential services are expected to completely cease operation during the lockdown, while shops and food open markets would operate under the supervision of health officials.  

Are there any K.U.K Alliance sponsored children affected by coronavirus?

While cases of coronavirus have been reported in Zimbabwe, no reports of sponsored children have been received to date.

The potential risks of COVID-19

While children are not currently considered the most vulnerable of coronavirus, they are very vulnerable to the secondary effects that it creates, like the extra strain put on health facilities that are already poorly equipped.Should coronavirus spread throughout Zimbabwe, our concern is the impact it could have on our children who are already living in poverty and being looked after by elderly grandparents in a country that requires individuals to pay for their own medication. Many in the community cannot afford to use medical facilities or preventative resources. 

How is K.U.K Alliance responding to the current coronavirus outbreak?

  • We are currently discussing and planning so that we could be on hand to support our children who may later become infected. This includes understanding the cost of accessing the relevant medical facilities. 

  • Engaging with the schools and communities which the children attend to understand the measures currently being taken and engage them on best practices where possible.

We endeavour to keep you informed as the situation develops. 

Further update information regarding COVID-19 can be obtained on World Health Organisation

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